About Us

The Unique Design Build team consists of a number of dedicated key project management staff, estimating staff, architectural designers, highly skilled trades specialists, administrative personnel, and interior decorators to name a few.

We accumulatively take your dreams and wishes and turn them into reality in the form of a complete new custom home or substantial renovation. To manage and build these types of projects it will take the coordination of literally hundreds of different tradesmen and professionals. We excel in bringing these specialists together to build your dreams.

Architects, Engineers and Designers

Unique Design Build works with many renowned local Architects and will work with any Architects that you have chosen to work with on the design portion of your project.

We can also refer you to the proper Designer for your Project. We deal extensively with many Architects or Technologists that will match your specific project. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the proper referral.

Carpenters and Laborers

We have several carpenters and laborers on staff to make sure that all of our projects go smoothly. Having this type of personnel on staff also makes sure that our sites are clean and safe at all times. Having our own carpenters also saves money by not having to sub contract some of the work out as well as making the projects go faster.

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If you would like to join our team, or wish to enquire about any of the opportunities we have available, please complete this form and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

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  • We are loving the house and overall are quite happy. There were a couple frustrations along the way, but in hindsight, these were to be expected with a job of this size, and part of the learning experience for us. I’d be happy to give a good recommendation to any prospective client. Mike Tomas
  • From our first contact with Unique Design Build we knew we found a winner. They were extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and confident in their company and their business practices. We were given 100% support throughout every step of the design. Amanda David
  • A Special “Thank you” goes out to the entire Unique Design Build team for a superb job. They renovated my two baths, foyer and kitchen complete to my specifications in just three months. They were professional, understanding, friendly and very organized. Silva
  • I want to compliment Unique Design Build for way this job was managed and executed. They came with a very high recommendation from my friends, and They’ve lived up to that reputation. In fact I’ve already passed on your information with my recommendation, to someone else – something I don’t do lightly! Bruce