Bone Structure Building – Revolutioninzing Toronto and Muskoka’s Home Building

Bone Structure Building

As a custom new home builders in GTA and Muskoka, Unique Design Build has always sought new and innovative construction techniques to bring to our clients. From building custom homes to large scale home renovations, Unique Design Build has established its reputation as GTA and Muskoka’s most reputable and sought after Custom Home and cottage Builders in Mississauga, Toronto and the GTA. We want to be on the cutting edge, offering you unique options to build a custom home that is truly yours. That is why we offer BONE Structure building services: a brand new, state-of-the-art construction system that takes custom home building to the next level.

BONE Structure is a construction system that can be used for single-family homes, multi-unit structures, and light commercial buildings. It involves the use of specially manufactured steel that is custom developed to precise measurements and specifications, which is assembled to create buildings that are exceptionally durable.

As a result of this unique manufacturing and assembly process, BONE Structure homes offer a number of benefits that you can enjoy throughout the life of your homeownership:

  • Durability. BONE Structure frames do not bend, crumble, or buckle – ever. This means your home is built upon a solid, stable frame. Where other homes eventually start to experience signs of age and settling, such as slowly deteriorating walls and ceilings, a BONE Structure home will remain in excellent condition throughout its life.
  • Flexibility. Homes with BONE Structure systems work with any unique designs you want to incorporate into your living space. From top-rated aluminum windows to dynamic ceiling placements, as well as modern-looking steel-spine staircase systems and more, your custom home can truly be your own in look, design, and feel.
  • Configurability. Not only are BONE Structure houses exceptionally modern, they are easy to change, upgrade, and maintain. Additions are easier to build than with homes built using traditional methods, and it is also much easier to re-configure the interior by moving walls where desired if you need a different layout.
  • Environmentally friendly. BONE Structure buildings are greener to build, and to live in, than traditional homes. The unique manufacturing and assembly process results in far less waste than with other construction techniques. These buildings are also energy efficient, resulting in fewer emissions and greater energy savings.
  • Efficiency. Custom home building can be known for being a slow process. Now, with BONE Structure in Toronto via Unique Design Build, custom home building can be faster than ever. These homes come together much faster than traditional building methods, resulting in fewer delays and getting you into your new home that much sooner.

We are excited to be able to offer this new, cutting-edge building system to our custom home clients. Contact us today to learn more about what a BONE Structure home can do for you.